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Palolo for iPhone gets a glow-up

Our latest updates include updates to Palolo for iPhone, more login options, and important email notifications.

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Our team is always working to make Palolo better for you. See what's new in Palolo and check back soon for more updates!

Reintroducing Palolo for iPhone

We'll be the first to admit that our app for iPhone was in need of a refresh. If you had used the app in previous months, you may have experienced hiccups logging in or using Perks. Not great!

That's why we're thrilled to reintroduce Palolo for iPhone, complete with a fresh new look, improved performance, and all the latest Perks from Palolo.

Haven't logged in for a while? Get the latest version of the app to set up automatic saving from your paycheck, update your login preferences, get personalized tips on how to use your Perks, and more.

Download Palolo for iPhone from the App Store.

More options for faster login

Hate remembering passwords?  Now, whenever you log in to Palolo, you have the option to have a magic login code sent to your email or phone instead of typing in your password. ✨ You can also choose to always use a magic login code by removing your password entirely.

Add your phone number for faster login. If you haven't already, you can add your phone number to Palolo to start receiving login codes on your phone. It's quick, secure, and adds an extra layer of protection to your account.

Once verified, just enter your phone number when logging in, and we'll send you a magic login code. No need to check your email or remember a password.

To update your login preferences in Palolo, go to Account > Security. Here you can verify your number, remove your password from your account, or update the email address associated with your account.

Important notifications about your account

Nobody wants more emails. But, you do want to know when you've paid off an advance, or when you earn some free cash from saving. We've got you covered!

Our newest email notifications let you know when your final advance repayment has been accepted, when you've earned a boost from saving, and when your boost earnings have been deposited.